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Why do I have to use your messaging app?
Why do I have to use your messaging app?
Updated over a week ago

To overcome the bandwidth limitations of satellite communications, we have built the Bullitt Satellite Messenger app. It is pre-loaded on Bullitt manufactured satellite connected devices, and it’s also free to download from the Apple and Google app stores.

The app enables two-way messaging with emojis, providing both users have the Bullitt Satellite Messenger app. If one user doesn’t have the app, they will receive their message via SMS along with a link to download the app should they wish to reply. The app also includes SOS alerts and emergency triage with additional features such as tracking to be added after launch.

Existing messaging apps are media and content rich, with GIFs, pictures and videos. While satellite connectivity is always available, it is limited in its capacity due to the size of constellations currently up in the sky. There is no existing app that can communicate via satellite, the bespoke development has been done by Bullitt. The future roadmap includes integrating other apps that make sense to the Bullitt proposition, such as Strava, WhatsApp and more.

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