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Is the BULLITT messenger service safe/secure?
Is the BULLITT messenger service safe/secure?
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Yes, the radio link between the satellite and the devices is encrypted end-to-end as per the latest 3GPP standards, the same level of security that is utilised by the terrestrial networks. Also, the service operates in extremely narrow frequency channels (3.75 kHz), which allows devices to operate at very low power levels and makes signals harder to detect.

Bullitt Satellite Messenger does not share channels with any other service and is therefore free of interference. These channels are dedicated and licensed exclusively for satellite communications globally.

Is the data held securely?
All our servers are secured using the industry standard AES-256 encryption algorithm, which is the same encryption method adopted by banks and financial service providers globally.

Messaging servers can only be accessed when meeting our stringent security protocols, including Ngix Reverse Proxy and a unique IP- based security feature that ensure database tables and customer data is secure at all times.

End user login to the messaging application is secured via an IAM service utilising JSON web token security.

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