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What is a SAT SIM? 
Updated over a week ago

A SAT SIM is a SIM card which supports satellite coverage. To benefit of such functions, the S75 / Moto Defy 2 needs to have the provided Bullitt Connect satellite SIM card inserted in Slot 2, and an active subscription. When purchasing from the official website, the device will come with a complimentary 3 months of the 12 months package that includes up to 30 messages.

Bullitt’s engineering teams have worked closely together over the past two years in partnership with the world’s leading chipset supplier, MediaTek. We have developed the world’s first 3GPP standards-based approach to satellite NTN or ‘direct-to-device’ connectivity.

The service uses a Sat Enabled SIM card that will be housed in the dual SIM carrier within the phone. The Sim works in conjunction with the MTK chipset to establish a connection with the Bullitt Connect service.

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